Why us?

We are focused on promoting financial inclusion and sustainability, always enhancing the security and reliability of the environment of the transactions

Besides our unique and disruptive business model, we rely on previous and very successful experiences from our parent companies in Brazil and Mexico. Our product is based on a patented platform and a business strategy that has been tested and improved within these markets for more than 15 years.

ISO 9001

Quality Management System (QMS)

Security Management Certification

Less than 30 Companies in Brazil have attained this Certification


Our support team is composed of professionals with the ITIL Certification

Information Security Management System

ISMS Certified Employees

Our team

Founder and Chairman of the company

Mr. Renato Araujo

In 2002, he created eConsig, the pioneer cloud platform that has been improving the personal financial services market in various countries. With an entrepreneurial vein, he is leading the expansion of the use of this system internationally, personally involved in business efforts in Mexico, Europe and India. He is also an advisor of many companies with the Fintech sector in Brazil, and has strong connections in Latin America.


MR. Delber Lage

CEO of SalaryFits, Délber has significant expertise within the IT sector. As an attorney and advisor, he has been deeply involved within Brazilian IT community and has dealt with various M&A processes of high growth companies over there. He has been ahead of efforts of internationalization of companies both coming to Brazil as well as Brazilian companies

SalaryFits - Portugal and Spain

MR. Alvaro Amorim

CEO of SalaryFits Portugal and Spain, Alvaro has a large expertise within the IT sector, fintech and innovatives startups. An attorney at law and advisor, post graduated in Corporate Law and Process Legislation. He has a large experience as an international business developer and has been ahead of efforts of internationalization of companies.

SalaryFits - India

MR. Guilherme Mota

With significant experience in Business Development, Guilherme Mota have worked with a range of different products and companies, developing projects related to their commercial strategy, clients acquisition, and access to new (international) markets. Graduated on Foreign Commerce and with additional background on strategic management and valuation, he is a dynamic and innovative business executive working towards businesses focused on the growth of BRICS' relationship.

SalaryFits - Italy

Mr. Moacir Giansante

Professional with more than 30 years of experience, he worked in ICT consulting services, in particular in regulatory issues, service planning, cost and activity modeling, scenario analysis and market analysis, in Brazil and abroad.
Responsible for the implementation of several innovative projects supported by government programs designed to stimulate the adoption of technology in large sectors such as Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Broadband Communications, Information Security, IP Platforms and Operation & Business Support Systems.
Since 2015, he has been involved in the internationalization of Salaryfits, a Fintech company focused on promoting financial inclusion and sustainability, improving the security and reliability of the customer's transaction environment.

SalaryFits - Mexico

MR. Gustavo Boletig

CEO of Salaryfits Mexico, with over ten years of professional experience, Gustavo has been working with innovative Financial Solutions; having worked with international banks focusing on new business opportunities. With strong knowledge in Digital Marketing and Communication, he has developed businesses relationships and IT financial solutions across different countries and cultures in Latin America.

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News e Press

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  • SalaryFits joins two important committees of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

    The company will be represented by Guilherme Mota, nominated executive member of the HR & IR Committee and the Startups & Entrepreneurship Committee Guilherme Mota, SalaryFits India Head of Operations, was nominated as executive member of the HR & IR and Startups & Entrepreneurship Committees......

  • SalaryFits promotes sustainable financial offerings in UK

    Délber Lage, CEO of SalaryFits UK, was part of a Talent Management talk promoted by the Brazilian Chamber and Canning House at the Brazilian Embassy in London.   Held on May 22, the event was attended by several high-level global executives, who shared experiences and......