Salaryfits presents a platform to improve financial landscape and promote inclusion at the Think Brazil Conference

Salaryfits presents a platform to improve financial landscape and promote inclusion at the Think Brazil Conference

The International event aims to strengthen the bonds and enforce business opportunities between Brazil and the United Kingdom

SalaryFits, a technology startup with offices in Europe and Asia, will have the great opportunity to showcase its solution during the ThinkBrazil conference, which will happen on the 16th of May in the UK.  The company is focused on bringing financial inclusion and sustainability to the global economy.

The ThinkBrazil conference is part of a two weeks’ program organized by the British and the Brazilian government with the aim to strengthen the bonds and showcase business possibilities between the two countries.

The events will serve to stimulate joint actions between the governments, by bringing together strategic partners from the public and private sectors, and by fostering constructive discussions between the countries. Executives, government officials and experts in the fields of politics, economics, law, science, culture, education and business will participate in seminars, debates and round tables at various locations throughout the UK.

 “It is a great opportunity to show the world the new possibilities emerging in the Fintech industry, and we will be able to present our experience working in both countries. In addition, on Thursday, the 18th of May, SalaryFits will be among the awarded companies in the British Brazilian Awards event, due to our efforts to bring Brazilian innovation to the UK financial market, “said Delber Lage, CEO of SalaryFits.

The full schedule will be available at:

Zetra, SalaryFit’s strategic partner –  Zetra is the leading company offering a technology for the management of Salary Deduction loans in Brazil, with more than 250 clients in the private and public sectors.  The company, which has 16 years of experience in the market, managed in 2016 a stock of £17 billon in Salary Deduction loans, bringing financial inclusion to more than 2.7 million employees in the country.

Zetra also holds the ISO 27001 and 9001 international certificates, which guarantees best practices in terms of quality management and the security of information in its operations.