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Benefits that will improve employees’ financial health and productivity. All through a cost free solution!

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When you dream, you fly.

And you can fly higher with sustainable credit and empowered individuals! For free.

salary assured credit

SalaryFits is a platform that allows financial institutions to directly communicate with employees of companies, providing access to an innovative risk assessment tool and a reliable channel for a sustainable and fair credit offer.

for employers and employees

Employees can, therefore, have access to cost-effective financial products with lower interest rates and less bureaucracy, as well as a better management of their financial health.

For the employers, the technology is a unique opportunity to enhance their employee’s financial wellbeing as well as their productivity, to promote good financial habits and improve their work environment, and all of this through a cost free solution.

fly high to potential

For Financial Institutions, we provide an easy and convenient commercial channel to reach a large amount of potential clients, with lower costs of acquisition and with more reliability.

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Let’s fly high together enhancing employee’s financial wellbeing! :-)
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