And an opportunity for financial institutions

Salary deduction loans creates a market that is worth investing:
  • Lower default rates; security and anti-fraud control
  • An innovative risk assessment tool
  • Little integration effort, lower transaction costs
  • A feasible option for both existent customers and for new entrants

If we consider current personal loans market:


Financial Institutions have to maintain an expensive and time consuming structure in order to be able to sell, manage, and recover outstanding payments from its clients. The high interest rates are a result of the combination of default risks, expensive transaction costs and the lack of a solution that is able to properly address those issues.


We can change it by:

  • Targeting both current customers and also non- consumption;
  • Creating tools to enhance your ability to provide information and to reduce transaction costs involved in this form of loans;
  • Generating business through the support of companies and public entities.


And we offer the possibility of:

  • Deducting each instalment directly from the salary of the debtor;
  • Having information about each debtor ability to pay for a financial product or service;
  • Reaching a crescent number of potential clients;
  • Performing a reliable and cost-effective transaction.