SalaryFits is nominated for third consecutive year at India FinTech Awards (IFTA) 2019

SalaryFits is nominated for third consecutive year at India FinTech Awards (IFTA) 2019

Nomination of SalaryFits was motivated by the pioneering concept of offering payroll deducted benefits, promoting financial well-being of employees in the country.

Salaryfits, a London headquartered Fintech Startup, was nominated for the third consecutive year at the India FinTech Awards (IFTA) 2019, one of the industry’s leading awards ceremony. SalaryFits will compete with other innovative Start-ups from 10 different countries and it was nominated in the category of “The Best International Start-up in India”. Only the most significant global performances in technology and finance enter this golden hall.

SalaryFits had already been nominated in 2017 and 2018 for the categories “Startup of the Year” and “Financial Inclusion Initiative of the Year”, respectively. The appreciation is due to the pioneering work which began in 2016 with the cultural dissemination of the concept of payroll-deductible products and benefits for employees’ financial well-being. The result will be announced at the IFTA 2019 award ceremony @ The Lalit Hotel, on November 29 in India’s financial capital, Mumbai.

“SalaryFits brings a successful model that promotes financial inclusion and fairer access to credit products. The financial benefits support and empowering employees’ through financial well-being is still at a very nascent stages in India, and we are happy to bring forward this thought leadership in the country. We recently entered into a strategic partnership with PeopleStrong, a leading HRTech player, to bring our technology and concept to over 1 million employees.”, says Guilherme Mota, Head of Operations at SalaryFits India.

The uniqueness has been translated into growth. SalaryFits recently closed new partnerships for continued expansion in 2020. Guilherme Mota says the company has also recently partnered with WishFin, a credit marketplace that will use SalaryFis technology to launch an innovative Payroll Loan product in the local market from next year. “The financial market is convinced of the benefits and credibility of our platform and concept. We are also in final negotiations and conducting tests with one of India’s largest private banks, which will significantly scale our operations in the country”, he concludes.